Why yogis should use cork mats.

Why yogis should use cork mats.

Yes, we're all familiar with cork - wine bottles, cork boards, flooring etc. But how we'll do we know the real benefits of it? And how does that apply to yoga?


Abundant in the Mediterranean region, the cork oak trees are what produce this renewable resource. The tree is able to regenerate the outer bark (which is made up of cork) and can be harvested, if done correctly, for over 150. Plus, harvested trees require absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to regenerate its lost bark.


Naturally, it has anti-microbial properties meaning that you'll have a lot less germs and bacteria on the mat. This makes it safer and more hygienic to use, especially in a studio with revolving students. If you don't believe us, check out this article.

This is awesome as it reduces odours and requires less cleaning and maintenance.


The perfect blend of density and weight - these mats are easy to roll out, roll up and store away after your practice. This makes it perfect as your go to yoga mat for home practice, to take to class or even on travel!


Cork offers unparalleled performance - great for standard and even better for hot yoga. The more you sweat and palms get moist, the more grip you will experience on the mat. 

Many yogis have switched over to using these mats as they embody what yoga is truly about - being one with ourself and the environment.

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