About us

Econik is a Toronto based startup seeking to offer its customers the best products that are nature-inspired and eco-friendly. We understand the impact that current consumerism has on the environment and we are actively looking for ways to offer products that are in harmony with nature. This goes from using sustainable materials to having little reminders in our lifestyle that encourage us to make eco-conscious choices. 

At Econik, our motto is "Small changes. Big impact." and that is exactly what we live by. We understand that we cannot make drastic changes to the consumer landscape over night but little efforts that will eventually take us there. The products that we currently offer have reduced impact on the environment when it comes to the manufacturing processes and are always looking for the best way for packaging them to ensure safe delivery and customer satisfaction.

By making these small changes product by product, some of our products are 100% eco-friendly from the manufacturing processes to packaging are denoted with the following mark on their product pages:

We are all responsible for improving the health of our planet and truly for our benefit so lets take action and make the shift to thinking more eco-consciously.