Social Initiatives

One Tree Planted

We want to make earth green again!


*deep breath* Ahh. Oxygen. That what trees do for us. They absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which we also expel when we breath out, and give off oxygen. Such a great synergy, why not keep it going?

Also, the climate change crisis can be slowed down by planting more trees. Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas (GHG) rising amount in ppm (parts per million) in our atmosphere are causing global warming - mainly due to carbon emissions. Without enough trees to recycle the carbon dioxide, we have hindered ecological sustainability. 

With your help we can start with small changes.

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WWF Canada

10% of our profits go towards sustainability programs.

This is an organization which works with businesses and governments to ensure a healthy and thriving environment and use science to back up their methodologies, processes and programs. 

Some of the programs that they worked/are working on include Arctic protection, maintenance of freshwater systems, sustainable fisheries, etc. 

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